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     Mesmo says:



    I’m new to Lightwave and have been struggling all week trying to set up a Generation 2 starter kit.

    I can add the Link Plus and see it in the app on my iPhone, but every time I try to add a new device, I get the message Link Plus not connected! in red.

    The Link Plus is plugged in a free port on the main router, I have open up ports in the router firewall 69, 2011 and 2013 and have them port forwarded to the Link Plus.

    I’ve now also tried this in two separate houses with different ISP’s (PlusNet and Sky) but the results are identical.

    Lightwave have sent me a second Link Plus and the results are identical; I’ve also tried this with two different L42 sockets.

    Any other trouble-shooting ideas before I send it all back to Lightwave?

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     h3mp says:


    the latest app update v1.5.0 which features “further app connectivity improvements” seems the worst so far to me for connectivity!
    often i open the app and it says “not connected” – then may eventually connect after a while
    i’d log it with their support and wait for the next app update and cross your fingers until then..

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