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     jimmyjudas says:


    I can set up a “Do” which turns light 1 off, light 2 to 50%, light 3 to 80% etc – is that not a mood? I then have a single button to press in the app to set the lights to that state. Then using the workaround I talked about above, I can also set that to be “mood 2″ on my mood controller. I’m new to Lightwave, so maybe I’m missing something about the old moods that isn’t covered by all that?

     h3mp says:


    ah – no that isn’t what we mean by a Gen1 mood.

    The Gen1 dimmers and sockets have 3 main “mood” memory locations within them.
    You can pair a mood controller with multiple switches/sockets, then set all the devices manually up/down/on/off into whatever state you like
    You can then long-press on the mood controller “mood 1″, and all associated devices save the state they are currently in.

     btidey says:


    The other practical difference with a gen1 mood is that it sends out ONE mood rf command which all the mood paired devices respond to at the same time rather than using a sequence of commands which results in the devices responding one after another.

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)

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