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     Will Palmer says:

    Will Palmer

    Hi folks,

    I recently bought and installed a Link, along with a handful of sockets and dimmers. All are installed, linked and working just fine over WiFi. When I log onto the Web-app, I the Link unit is there and I can ‘re-link’ it OK. I can also see all the devices, rooms, events, timers, etc. that I’ve configured using the app my iPhone and iPad apps. However, I cannot seem to control the devices from the Web-app, or remotely (i.e. not on WiFi) from the phone.

    I’ve tried specific port forwarding for UDP 69 and 2011 on the router, as well as placing the Link in the DMZ. I finally disabled the firewall completely – still no joy on being able to operate the devices from either the Web-appor remotely on the phone app. I have a Security system that uses a cloud connection for remote operation and that works perfectly without re-configuring my router.

    The router is a Teltonika RUT950 LTE router and it’s on EE’s 3G/4G service.

    Any suggestions would be much appreciated!!


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