Lighwave TRV _can they be used with events and moods?

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     Robin Masters says:

    Robin Masters


    my first post, so please forgive any glaring howlers.

    I’ve bought 6 of the TRVs, installed one so far, very easy. No problems. It reports a much higher temp than my Nest but that’s because one is near the radiator (and inside the radiator cover) and the other is not – logical.

    I’ve managed to program it to come on and off at set times, so that on weekdays when I am working some radiators remain OFF, as I usually get up, dressed, have some brekkie and shoot to work.

    But what do I do when I have a week off, I want them all open at the times the heating is on, but don’t want to have to reset the schedule individually. Is there a way I can set different schedules for different periods of time i.e a ‘at home’ mode where they are all set on, a ‘working week’ mode where they are set up as some on and some some off (as above)???

    I looked under events and times but the the display on the web app doesn’t list the TRVs…is this right?

    I have latest TRVs and gen 1 router (bought about 4-5 months ago)

    Any advice appreciated.

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