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     TheAlbionist says:


    First of all apologies if this has been asked and answered – did a fair bit of trawling and it looks like this has come up before, but couldn’t find a reliable answer.

    I’ve installed some Lightwave RF sockets and the boiler control which are working great, but would really like to be able to control my wall-mounted 1000 watt Dimplex electric heaters which are all connected to the same ring via Fused Spurs.

    My initial thought was replacing the FS with LW934, but the manual specifically says it’s not to be used to replace a fused spur.

    Could I put an LW830 Relay in line with the existing Fused Spur, leave the FS switched permanently on and control the heater via the LW830?

    Or are there plans for a direct Fused Spur replacement from Lightwave any time soon?

     evansnathan says:


    +1 Same question, also emailed Lightwave

     SimplySays says:


    Not likely. Small market, big problems with BS1363, which is not updated for the electronic age.

    The fused spur or correctly called Fused connection Unit, Is a special sort of switch, it can take and is tested to much bigger currents than other switches, it’s fused and if it’s switched then it has to switch both poles, live and neutral for safety reasons. All that in single width unit.

    I looked at designing a remote one and basically it would have had to be manual FCU (to comply with safety) with a bulge to accommodate the electronics, which would still have been a challenge to meet the temperature rise requirements of BS1363 with the extra current they test with for FCU’s.

    Yes it is perfectly acceptable and the correct way to install the LW830 to put it inline with then the Safety only FCU.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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