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     Mark rider says:

    Mark rider

    Any more info on these are they still available and how did you all get on with them

     elviscat says:


    Hi all,

    I bought this 2 channel receiver:

    To use with LW, however, I have wired it up, but when I put it into learning mode and using:

    The receiver is not listening to the message broadcast from the LW switch, but if i use the small remote fob that came with the receiver is does hear the message when the button is pressed. I’ve haven’t tried adding device via the phone but would assume the box and switches work on the same frequency.

    Have i ordered the wrong thing as I thought it just need to be 433mhz?

    I require a 2 channel version as i’m using controllis blinds and require latch and jog modes for lift and rotate. if I’ve ordered the wrong thing could someone help with finding a version that works with LW box and switches?

    Thanks v much

     parkview094 says:


    I’m on my 3rd relay and am on the verge of giving up..

    I ordered:

    Neither worked at all.
    Then I ordered:

    Which was initially promising, but didn’t work out great. I made the most progress with the 3rd relay. The first 2 wouldn’t recognise the LW remote or hub at all.

    The third one, I put into learning mode and tried the remote. Success! The LW remote I had is a 3 ‘device’ one. I paired the relay to device 1 on the remote and on/off worked perfectly. I thought I would try ‘re-learning’ the relay to device 2 instead, but it wouldn’t forget device 1. Now on/off for either device 1 or device 2 on the remote turned the relay on/off.
    This particular model has 2 relays, so I put the 2nd relay into learning mode and added it to the LW app / hub. Success. I could turn the relay on/off via the app.

    And now the rub..

    I have a LW PIR. That mysteriously also turned Relay 1 on/off. No idea why (it wasn’t paired to either device 1/2 from the remote).
    Turning *any* device on/off via the LW App also turned on/off Relay 2.

    As there doesn’t appear to be any way to ‘reset’ the relay – it’s effectively useless for me again. The hunt continues.

     jemhayward says:


    I had the same problem. The relay is learning the LWRF basic ‘code’ but it doesn’t understand the LWRF protocol. These relays do work with the old BBSB protocol which is digitally ‘simpler’. I have both systems so I teach my relays from a BBSB remote.

     elviscat says:


    The problem for me with the controliss blinds is, the rotate is part of the lift, and because LW821 is so slow to change relays, 3 seconds minimum is too long, meaning when I press up and then press stop the blinds have already rotated passed open and back to close pointing up and the blind is on it’s way up. Therefore I need a jog function.

    Can anyone think of or suggest any other way to get such control over the blinds?

     elviscat says:


    Hi all,
    I’ve looked through links posted on this forum on AC 220-240V RF modules compatible with lightwaverf kit, but unfortunately there all dead links, I know it’s been a while but if someone sees this, would you be kind enough to post a link to or information leading to one being able to be found.

    Thanks in advance

Viewing 6 posts - 31 through 36 (of 36 total)

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