Lightwaverf Comapatibility

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    Hi all,

    I am trying to source some reasonably priced compatible LED bulbs but am pulling my hair out. Can any one advise on what they would recommend for the following type of bulb:
    E14 filtment LED
    Candle style (pref) or mini globe

    I need to source like 20 all together and don’t really want to be paying like £200
    I have 5 per chandelier and am running them of lightwaverf mast dimmer switches.

    the compatibility chart basically gives me one option, which im sure is good the megaman incand-led but they are almost £10 a pop.
    There latest compatibility list sent to me offers a lightwell one but not overly fussed on the fillament style design and read reviews of them not being great and on occasion explode.

    any suggest for ones that maybe that are not on the list but work would be great. I have some luminus ones from costco in currently which dont hum but have a poor dimming range and they take 10 seconds of me manually holding the switch before they dim (which i have been told is a compatibility issue.

    thank you in advance

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