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     ZippyDude says:


    I recently purchased a Lightwaverf JSJSLW420 (2 gang dimmer). Stickers on the back of the switch state the same.
    Gang 1 is connected to 2 * PHILIPS Master LEDspot 4.3 and gang 2 is connected to 4 * PHILIPS Master LEDspot 4.3

    What I am finding is that if the lights are dimmed and then turned off the next time I turn them on:
    1) Gang 1 remembers last dim status and come on at that level
    2) Gang 2 turns on full brightness and then after a second or two, dims to the level it was prior to them being switched off.

    Is this normal? Why are the two switches behaving differently.

    Also, is there any way to determine if the switch I have is actually a 400 series or a 200 series?
    I just have this bad feeling that I have been ripped off and want to be certain that I have the 400 series when I have paid for a 400 series.
    The only reason I am a little paranoid is because when I received the switch, the box was not sealed; it had been opened previously.


     clarksn says:


    I suspect this may be a characteristic of different loading and the behaviour of the transformer, especially if it is a retrofit of led bulbs for halogens. You could try adjusting the dim range and see if that makes a difference (see manual)

    I have seem similar symptoms though not as bad as you describe in our guest house where we have done multiple rooms

    Regarding the switch version, check its labelling. I answered a post recently where the packaging said 400 series but the labelling was 200 series (big rectangular black back boxes). Although the supplier insisted it was mislabelled I’m pretty convinced the switch itself was labelled correctly (and therefore was the wrong one) but mis packaged in a 400 series box

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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