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     SimonCatlin says:


    Can you take the range extender down the garden bit by bit and see when the WIFI link fails to talk to the range extender? 200ft sounds a long way for both the WiFi link and the range extender. Interference is likely to be a big issue at that distance. I do think the range extender can be placed outside too, so you can try that too.

    I agree with @cndawes, it does sound like a pairing issue. I’d clear the memory first and then try again.

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     andyh747 says:


    Sorry to drag up an old thread but I have just purchased the LW800 range extender.

    I was also unsure of how this worked and initially thought it would extend the range of the wifi link for all devices but it only extends those 6 you programme in. So now that was clear I had a reread of the instructions and it says the extender can be used with six individual commands, not six individual devices. I read from that you have to pair it with both the ON command and the OFF command but some of the comments above seem to suggest this isn’t the case.

    Can anyone advise whether you have to programme both ON & OFF commands into the range extender or just the ON command?

    Also should the LED on the front of the range extender blink when it sends/receives a signal? Mine only seems to blink when I was learning commands but doesn’t blink when a command is sent after learning. However it seems to work.

     btidey says:

    Participant has the description of setting the booster up. Note that says to do original pairing of the device without the booster. I don’t think step is necessary and it may be better to purge the device and only pair it to the boosted signal.

    I don’t use one myself but my understanding is that the booster learns the device address during the original pairing of the link to the booster. You should then separately pair the end device to the ‘boosted’ commands by sending the on command from the link while the device is in pairing mode.

    My understanding is that it should then pass through any command associated with that device. It should be easy to verify that by sending an off command,

     andyh747 says:


    Thanks for the reply. I managed to answer my own questions by experimenting tonight.

    You need to have whatever device you want the extender to control paired with your wifi link first. In my case this was already done. You could just pair the device with the extender as mentioned above. Then you simply place the extender into learning mode and send a command from the app to the device you wish the extender to control. The LED will then flash slowly twice and the command is stored in the extender. Do this for all the devices you wish to control with the extender.

    Now in answer to my question about on and off commands, the extender only needs the on command programmed. If you try and add the off command, it actually deletes the device from the extender! Somebody else earlier in the thread indicated this would happen and I can confirm it does! So you can pair six devices in total but you only need to learn one command for each device. You don’t need to use the on command to programme the extender, the off command should work just as well but don’t try to learn both!

    The LED on the extender will flash each time a successful command is sent from the Link via the app to the extender. The reason why mine wasn’t working was because I had learned both the on command and then the off command hence deleting the device from the extender memory!

    Hope the above helps someone else.

Viewing 4 posts - 31 through 34 (of 34 total)

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