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     gatsoman says:


    Hi all. I was wondering if anyone had seen this odd behaviour before? I have a three gang switch. The centre gang is wired to my kitchen lights (there are 10 7W LED fittings in there) with a slave in the kitchen. The first is wired to a normal halogen light in the dining room. And the last is wired to a normal halogen light in the lounge and a slave.

    In the kitchen ONLY, when the lights have been on for a little while, i get a bizarre situation where the lights ramp up to full, and then drop down to the preset level. This happens over and over again. I’m aware of the supposed 60W limit on LEDs so removed a couple of kitchen LED fittings for a couple of weeks – no change.

    I wondered if it was a heat issue so also unscrewed the switch and allowed it to hang – no change. Still after 10-60 mins the lights will start to do this.

    I even replaced the 3 gang with a new one.. no change!

    I have a video, but due to the forum 1990s style 512k limit, I can’t upload it. Go to vimeo dot com slash 259403625 to view

    Any help would be deeply appreciated.


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