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     SteveO says:


    I have a lightwave dimmer controlling 4 spotlights (mega man gu10 led) and everything has been fine for 18 months. Recently and only very occasionally when the lights are on they just start flashing on and off (I’d say switching on and off twice in a second). The led on the switch remains blue while it’s happening.
    We turned the lights off and then back on again and it continued. So we switched them off again and when switching back on they’re fine again. It’s not the same as the flicker with incompatible led bulbs. It’s a timed pulsing on and off. Also we have 2 wireless dimmer switches by the bedsides that are linked to the switch. None of the other lights in the house behave this way.
    Any thoughts appreciated.

     Monkey1974 says:


    I feel your pain Steve. I have a similar issue but mine but I only fitted mine a couple of months ago and it is a triple gang switch, so not the cheapest thing to replace when it goes wrong.

    I definitely think that it is a problem with the switch because I swapped the wiring round so that I had a bank of two lights on the ‘faulty’ switch, and the flashing bank of 4 lights onto the switch that originally had the two lights on it. Fired the circuits up for a couple of hours and there were no issues, I swapped the circuits back round and hey presto, the flashing is back again. Furthermore, the 4 bulbs are well within the maximum load.

    My problem is that Lightwave told me to go back to the people that sold the switch to me, and the retailer don’t want to know unless I send it back to them first, then they will investigate and replace at my cost!!! Which after just a couple of months seems a bit poor.

     rhlangdon says:


    I took an easy way out. Installed a two way two gang switch in one location, isolated the wires (made them safe) in the other and installed a battle driven two way which I paired with the other. This over two years ago and all works fine.

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