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     martynhsmith says:


    I’ve tried to be clever and it doesn’t look like it’s working

    When my kitchen was fitted a few years ago under the top cupboards they left a lighting circuit to fit down lights
    I fitted a plug socket on to the light connection and plugged in a transformer for an LED strip
    so I had a standard double light switch that switched on the main lights and my counter lights.

    A few weeks ago I replaced the standard light switch with a 2 gang lightwave smart switch – everything still worked.
    This evening I have fitted a second led strip and another plug socket – to the other side of the kitchen.

    It doesn’t work if I have both switched on – If I unplug one or other of the lights both work but have both in and both switched on and the switch just flashes orange

    I can’t see anything obviously wrong – Anyone have a suggestion ?


     Jules says:


    The LightwaveRF light switches are only suitable for dimmable loads and your LED transformers are unlikely to be dimmable. You could fit a LightwaveRF relay to switch power to your cupboard sockets and control that from a LightwaveRF wireless switch or remote control.

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