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     Suttonpa says:



    I’m new to LightwaveRF, I have installed one 1 gang light switch already that has worked fine and the product seems to be fantastic and easy to use. However, I’ve just come to fit another switch in the dining room and it’s not working at all. This is another 1 gang light Switch, I’ve wired it in just using the live and neutral, the off LED is on and when you press the on button the on LED comes on but the lights dont!!! the light switch LEDs automatically flip back to the off LED after a couple of seconds. I’ve also tried to pair the switch however when I hold the two buttons it doesn’t go into pairing mode I.e the LEDS don’t flash. The light fitting is a chandler type with about 8 bulbs, all changed to dimable LED. As soon as I put the old switch on they work fine so I’m stumped!!

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



     Jules says:


    Paul, is there just one light switch controlling the chandelier in the dining room? If so, it sounds to me like the LightwaveRF switch you’re trying to install is an LW450 2-way Slave, but what you actually need is an LW400 1-way Master. Have a look at the back of the switch to confirm what model you’ve purchased.
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