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     djtomkins says:


    Don’t forget, you don’t need to restrict yourself to bayonet fittings – find any bulb that works as a single light then buy one of these:


    Two floors tooled up for light and power! Lighting circuits: 5 x 1 gang, 5 x 2 gang, 3 x 3 gang, 6 relay circuits, mainly LEDHut 5W LEDs (91!) but also outdoor SON lamps, LED kitchen lights, LED candle bulbs, halogen bulbs and a dimmable CFL, 5 mood controllers, two remote switches, 2 PIRs. Power: one remote socket, 9 plug in modules. Patiently waited for the heating modules for years, and am a little underwhelmed....flirting with evohome....and please don't tell me "there is a better way" and try to sel
     PhilC says:



    For info.

    I have just been told that the new 6.2W B22 will not be replaced as they are not compatible with LWRF, this was from LED HUT.
    They originally sent me 6.6w in error, and have refused to pay P&P even though they agreed they would.

    That will be my last dealings with them.

    Gone in at the deep end and learning with RPI, RFX, Conrad, WiFi link, 5 PIRs, 5 Door sensors, 18 light switches, 22 sockets and 4 Mood controllers all running on Domoticz. Normal comment I get is, whats wrong with just turning on a switch....
     Chopper says:



    Sorry only just seen people had replied to the thread so thank you both.

    Have returned the bulbs for a refund, its not too much of a hassle for us to be honest as we have floor and table lamps in both rooms so they are used more than the ceiling lights and I like the fact that when we do use them they are dimmable.

    If anyone does find any candle bulbs that work consistently and are dimmable then please update this thread.

    Really don’t understand why lightwave don’t do a simple wired on/off switch rather than a dimmer to get round these issues.

    Have extended the install to all three floors of our house now and the rest of the lights and the switches are working fine. Was going to mess around with slaves and masters for the hall and landing lights but decided to just go for the CFL bulbs in the end and they work great.

     Macman says:


    I have just bought these


    and it doesn’t work in a single pendant with single dimmer. When turned off at the dimmer it remains dimly lit and flickers at any setting over 75%. It’s a shame because it’s a really bright light which works well in the other, non LightwaveRF configurations I have, albeit no dimmers.

    I have read somewhere that you can put one of these


    in parallel with the lamp which should eliminate the flicker but as this is a resistive load, it will draw power and if you read the instruction manual, this is confirmed as it is quoted as getting hot, 40 degrees C. This surely defeats the object of fitting low energy LED bulbs. I do think this is something LightwaveRF need to address as their quotes of working with LED dimmable bulbs is obviously misleading.

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)

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