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     Johnny T says:

    Johnny T

    I’ve just gone in to my Android device and disabled “Automatic updates” for this app due to the problems discussed earlier.

    However, some of the latest messages hint that the app might be fixed now?

    Can any Android users out there confirm if I’m safe to update the app now? I’ve read about people losing all their settings and Rooms showing the right number of devices but not letting them control them etc…? Is all this sorted now??

    Thanks :)

    #24530 says:

    Nov 18, 09:54 GMT
    Great to see Modes back on the IoS App but I am having trouble making them work. Can you send me some notes on just how they should work?
    I select “Holiday” but it does not ask how many days and when I return to “Rooms” and press “Heating” it does not show the “Mode” I selected.
    Many thanks

    Lightwave Support Specialist (Lightwave)
    Nov 22, 13:06 GMT
    Hi George,

    Thanks for your query.

    Modes on the app are currently not fully functional and due to be removed. You must only use the modes from the actual physical thermostat.

    Standby, will put the heating back to its “setback” temperature until the next change point in your schedule. This would be used if you want to bring your schedule forward (ie it’s 2PM, and you have a schedule for 5PM to heat at 22C). Or to turn off your heating for the ‘on’ period you are in.

    For the Away mode, this turns your heating to the setback temperature for the entire day rather than until the next change point. When the next day arrives at 6AM, then the schedule will resume. This is to be used if you know you’ll be away out to a restaurant, pub, shopping etc for some time – standby would have the system revert to schedule at the next change, whereas Away will make sure it stays cool until you cancel it or a day change occurs.

    I believe you would have liked to have used the Holiday mode, where you specify the number of days you would like to be away for, then the system will remain at the temperature you specified for the days you set.
    Lightwave Technical Support

    Hi Lightwave Technical Support
    Your answer does not help me as I am 150 miles from my thermostats. How can you offer “home automation” when I have to be physically in the room with the thermostat to alter its mode.
    For reasons I have never understood, frost mode reverts to running the next day and so the “work around“ for my holiday house is to put it in “holiday mode” which in the old App was stable and then remotely put it into “running mode” just before the house is to be occupied. A heating control system needs to be able to be put into a permanent standby state which can then remotely be put into a running state.

    Your App absolutely needs to be able to change modes when you are miles away from it. If not, you need to explain to all old and new purchasers that your system is useless for controlling the heating in holiday properties.

    It goes without saying that it is unbelievable that you release a “modes” update to the new App which does not work and that you intend to withdraw it! I despair.


     Antyronnen says:


    1. As you say, unbelievable! On that logic you could just switch a light on at the switch.
    2. Download Deta before they remove that as well.
    3. More of a hassle but you can get a copy of the previous iOs App (
    4. You could switch to another heating control system. It always felt like the heating was an add-on to the more basic, but reasonably reliable, LWRF controls. I had thought that having the heating integrated with the other controls in a single App would be useful but I’m less convinced now.

     Antyronnen says:


    I’ve been holding off updating the ‘new’ Gen 1 App for iOs, getting by with Deta and the older LWRF version. Now there have been a number of subsequent updates what is the overall view?

    Has it, at least, got to the functional state of its predecessor? Does it handle the thermostats any better?

    Basically is it safe to update? Thanks for any advice.

    #24887 says:

    I have taken all my Lightwaverf kit out, given up, it is too unreliable.

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