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     tlpc0 says:


    Have to agree with h3mp, as good as the potential that windows phones had it was always going to be IOS or Android that dominate. If for no other reason than market share. No self respecting business is going to continue to spend money on a doomed (mobile) platform. The web app (windows) is unfortunately like the rest of the software/apps etc from LWRF…awful. Flakier than a Jamie Oliver (other chefs are available) puff pastry. It seems that no matter what platform you decide upon LWRF has the capacity to make a mess of all of them.

    Still no response from them either as we head into 7 weeks without a reply.

    Maybe i should ask FC or SC for a little extra gift this year, that someone from LW will contact me for Christmas?

     michael ward says:

    michael ward

    You need to make sure you have used the correct procedure for the support, as this was changed away from the megaman site, not so long back.

    After a shaky start, the new support have fixed all the issues I had, as regards to Android constantly dropping out and needing a new password and hopefully the energy monitor failure (fingers crossed), as that was just yesterday they notified me of the fix.

    For support, go here.

    You never know, but they may be in the process of changing.

     JHE-LightWave says:


    1. Initial success
    2. Boost in self belief (Sense of entitlement)
    3. Complacency (Lack of development)
    4. Arrogance (Ignoring feedback)
    5. Demise (Competitors step in)

    Saw it with
    Bang & Olufsen from 1990′s
    Sony 2000′s

    Netatmo is quirky but it works. Consumer focussed products.

     btidey says:


    3a. Incompetence and not realising that software development is just as important as hardware.

    It has always been the software that has been their weakpoint, with the notable exception of the radiator valves where they mucked up the hardware as well.

     skwerl says:


    let’s add an extremely dodgy website into the mix. Oh and product availability. If you do actually manage to find the shop most of the products are sold out. This seems to have been a problem for as long as I can remember so the excuse of “we’re ramping up production to cope with demand” doesn’t fly any more.
    I’m done with LWRF. I’ll continue to use what I have, for now but suspect I may just bin it and start again elsewhere.

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)

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