Last Nail in the Coffin

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     Greg Walker says:

    Greg Walker

    After two years of doing my best with the Lightwave heating control kit, an app update & silence from tech support has driven me away. I think it’s a great pity. In my view, the hardware is quite capable of doing a decent job, but the user interface for the mobile app is quite frankly user hostile. After latest update, my kit simply didn’t work. I have thrown it away & bought Netatmo. What a contrast! New kit is intuitive. I have read that Netatmo customer support / technical support leaves a lot to be desired too, doubtless I’ve got that experience yet to come, but … I have’t need it, yet.

    I am convinced that with no change to the installed equipment, Lightwave could be as good as Netatmo. Lightwave needs a decent software architect who understands control systems & home automation. Lightwave needs to listen to customer feedback & act on it. It’s not too late for LightwaveRF to sort themselves out, but it’s too late for me. The technical team at Lightwave really need to become thoroughly familiar with Netatmo equipment. They would be saying “We can do that” – I am convinced.

     Grunthos says:


    Singing to the choir I’m afraid!
    When they started out, LWRF were almost unique in their “Retro-fit” abilities.
    This is no longer the case.
    Their software “upgrades” both with the link-unit and the mobile apps, have steadily moved from dodgy to abysmal.
    In particular their removal of the ability to control more than one LWRF installation without logging out of the app tells it’s own tale.
    I really liked the hardware a couple of years ago but I now have no faith in their ability to produce quality software.
    Consequently, when I move house (hopefully quite soon now) , I wil not be re-installing any LWRF kit.

    Such a shame…

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