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     Pete1989 says:


    I’m looking at setting up LightwaveRF in my house, the only tricky room that I could do with some advice on is in the kitchen. Currently it is setup as shown below, with 2 3-gang dimmers (not connected) controlling 4 lights or areas.
    How can I copy this with Lightwave? Do I need to have 1 3-gang dimmer, 1 2-gang wire free and 1 1-gang? Is it possible to ‘hack’ the wire free ones into a 3-gang so it looks cleaner?

    Thanks, Pete

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     nevetsecirp says:


    This is a difficult one because you need a 3gang master and a 3gang with 2 gangs as slaves and 1 gang as a master, so you could ask LWRF whether they will put together this for you or come up with a combination that works, I don’t believe you can combine master and wirefree as they are powered differently
    An option would be a 3gang master with a 2 gang slave + a 1 gang master
    Or a 3 gang master with a 2 gang wirefree (terminate the wiring) in the back box, and a 1 gang master – depending on the size of your existing back box you could put the 1 gang over the single back box and place your 2 gang wirefree anywhere else on the wall

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     Pete1989 says:


    Thanks. I had thought of those options and didn’t particularly like them. Though I have come up with a solution. I noticed when I was looking at the Gen2 dimmers that they advertise ‘2-way switching – seamlessly control one light with multiple switches‘
    I tweeted LWRF and they said a 3-gang Gen2 should be released Q1. That should work for my application without any dodgy go arounds.

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