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     Newtolightwave says:


    Hi everyone… I’m new to this lightwave dealy…

    Amongst all my straightforward light switch change overs Im after some advice to get my kitchen lighting how I want it.

    My kitchen has two separate light circuits. There is a pair of ceiling lights nearest the door on one switch and a second pair the other end of the room on another switch at the bottom end of the room.

    I want a setup where the switch nearest the door can switch both sets of lights and and off. Im getting Alexa soon so thought maybe a scene through that? Id hoped IFTT might work but as I’m using gen 1 kit this won’t work on the light switches as they are stateless? Maybe a PIR might work?

    Any help would be appreciated.

     koper89 says:


    You got couple of solutions:
    - Add 2 dimmers and link them both to single wireless switch/mood and put it in a place where you want to have to steer them both (if you want physical way of turning on/off).
    - If you want to steer them both together using app you can use mood/events or link them to the same on/off command.

     Newtolightwave says:


    Thanks I think a mood switch will have to be the way to go as I want to be able to switch the lights all off from one wall switch as well as via the app.

    Im guessing even if I link them in the app. They won’t work together at the wall.

     Zone-MR says:


    With the Gen2 dimmers I’m assured it should be possible to link any switch to control any other switch wirelessly.

    So you could have 2 Gen2 dimmers linked up to control each other.

    It seems for now the software component of this isn’t yet ready (promised in a few weeks), although if you want to use HomeKit you could have an automation to switch one light on/off based on the state of the other.

     Newtolightwave says:


    Yeah. I thought that. The problem is it all seems like it’s really buggy right now and there is a backlog of gen 2 link orders and they only seem to do gen2 switches (which are double the cost) in chrome and all my switches and sockets throughout my house are white and I’d like to keep them that way.

    Seems like a lot of sacrifices and cost to fix one issue.. Might have to go with the mood switch.

    Thanks for your help.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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