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     ZippyDude says:



    I recently purchased a JSJSLW440 light switch from Energybulb.co.uk
    The box correctly states that the switch number is JSJSLW440, however, the stickers on the back of the switch suggest the switch is JSJSLW240
    I have attached pictures to this message.

    EnergyBulb arre claiming that the stickers are no indication as to the model number and that JSJSLW440 is made up of a combination of JSJSLW240
    Can you please let me know if I have been supplied with an incorreect switch.

    Many thanks,

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     clarksn says:


    Not only is it stickered as a 200 series but it physically looks like the stickers are on 200 series dimmer boxes.

    I’d take a lot of convincing that is a 400 series and not a 200 series that had been mis packaged, and I’ve seen a lot of both models

     Node Zero says:

    Node Zero

    I think the 400 series have the feature of a programming mode where you can change the settings for use with different led’s. If you can’t access this (no idea how you do it) then you have a 200 series.

     Chester says:


    They are talking absolute sh… sorry, they are incorrect. There was a discreet model LW240, the LW440 replaced it. 200 series, 400 series respectively.

    200 series are not LED compatible. If you want to use this with LEDs now or in the future, you’ll need to get it swapped out.

    Time to get an apology for wasting your time and either a replacement or full refund including reimbursement of all costs for your trouble, as is your statutory consumer rights through distance selling regulations.

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