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     xcentric says:


    Hi folks – have installed a lot of lightwaverf switches, but…..

    LEDs are H2 PRO 550 T – when wired as a three they seem to work, tough dimming is limited. But most are wired as 6′s – which fits the specs for the lights on a 250w dimmer circuit – and nothing happens. Orange light on the switch, but won’t turn on and led won’t go blue.

    Assume this means that I’m pulling down the ceiling again, as I will have to wire them in 3′s not 6′s? Or are there other things I can try? Any measurements I can take to check what’s what? Light specs for dimming are:
    input power 5.2W
    inrush current 0.45A 0.07ms
    Power factor 0.88

    been on hold to lightwaverf but assume they’ve stopped for Christmas. Currently have a darkish house and wires everywhere – am going to put in standard switches as a temporary fix, but need the lightwave solution as we can’t run enough wires to have enough 2 way switches otherwise!

    many thanks.

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