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     ChrisThomas says:


    Hi, not sure if this is the correct place for app issues. Maybe the app could have a link to a dedicated forum, or forum topic?

    Anyway, I have a timer setup to Open/Close a roller blind I have setup. When I went on holiday, I closed the blind and turned off the Open timer. Having returned, I am now trying to Activate it again, and I cannot.

    The UI shows ! PAUSED under the item in red. The slider shows it being off. If I Slide the slider to the right, nothing happens.

    Now, there is another (serious) bug with the iPhone app, were you update a timer, click on UPDATE and nothing happens. Re-installing the app fixes this (yep, thats fun to do….). Now I have tried re-installing, in case this is the issue here. But to no avail. My Timer is stuck in Paused.

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