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     paulg says:


    Hi All,
    New to lightwaveRF… I’ve been a home automation fan for years, with many homegrown projects, but have recently started moving over to off-the-shelf products – including Google Home, Hive, and now, to replace what was a Raspberry Pi controlling a relay board for opening and closing my driveway gates, I’ve moved to a LightwaveRF inline relay.

    I’ve got Events set up in the Link to open and close the gate, and I’m using IFTTT to trigger the events when I say stuff on my Google Home/Assistant set up.

    This works great, took almost no time to set up. However today, I’ve noticed twice the gate opening without asking it to!

    A quick check on Google Activity, and IFTTT Activity, and there’s been nothing to trigger this. So it feels like the Link is doing something funky on its own and triggering the relay, or the relay itself?

    This is quite serious as its a massive security risk for me if I can’t guarantee the gate will only open when needed.

    Is there an activity log somewhere I can look at to see what’s triggering this?


     darkmutton says:


    I have one on my garage door and does exactly the same. My garage door opened itself whilst I was on a weeks holiday in Portugal, fortunately I’ve got good neighbours who contacted me. It’s just lightwave stuff being cranky, I’ve had enough of it now so selling my stuff, I’ve just installed Hue lighting and had a taste of what a system can do when it works!!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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