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     Chrisboy27 says:


    Hi All, New to lightwave and new to the site, I have been getting on really well with my installs so far. I have just hit my first issue and I am looking for help.

    Here is my current room setup, I have a LW420 SS 2 GANG DIMMER one side runs my living room and the other side runs my dining room this works fine. I have just installed a LW830 relay on a lamp by my computer in the dining room. I have set this up as a on/off device my problem is when I turn that device on using my smart phone it also turns the dining room light on as well.

    I think i am missing something on the setup or maybe it can’t be done this way.

    Could someone please help.

    Many Thanks

     btidey says:


    Somehow you have managed to pair both devices to respond to the same command code in the phone. If a device is in pairing mode then it will accept the next command sent as the pairing instruction. A device can hold up to 6 different pairing codes so it is quite possible to get both the relay and the dimmer to be paired to the same command. In some circumstances this could prove useful; e.g. you always wanted the relay and dimmer to be tied together to respond to the same command, but most of the time you want to keep everything separate to avoid confusion.

    With a small number of devices the easiest thing to do is to clear the pairing info in each device according to its instructions and start again making sure that only one device is put into pairing mode at a time.

     Node Zero says:

    Node Zero

    It’s also worth noting as it’s not always made clear, the pairing command is exactly the same as the ON command so it is important not to attempt to turn any devices on when another device has been put into pairing mode.

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