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     davew21 says:


    I’m sure all of you have at least one item in your house that has the usual long thin black inline switch situated a couple of feet from the item the cable goes to, most likely on a bedside lamp or table / uplighter lamp in your lounge, I really wish LWRF had brought something like this out that you could replace the switch with.

    Any thoughts on this?


     rhlangdon says:


    Agree. Have a dozen lamps like this. I use plug-ins for them all. All works well until my wife switches a light off by its switch!

     stevellion says:


    Agreed, this would be very neat.

     ChrisThomas says:


    Not sure. I have a bedside lamp, that has such a switch. I just leave it on at the switch, and control it with a smart plug (in this case, Hive). If you integrate the smart switch IN the lamp flex, its not as flexible as the plug. I can get rid of this lamp, replace with new, and my smart lamp still works. Or I can dispose of the lamp, and the smart plug can be re-purposed for something else?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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