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     Ddwindy says:


    @stuartridout – they are still sat on a shelf at home if your interested…….

     stuartridout says:


    I may be interested. Could you email me with details (price and what you’ve got) please.

    stuart dot ridout at gmail dot com


    Just starting! 3 x double LightwaveRF dimmers, 1 x single dimmer, 2 x double sockets, 1 x WiFi link, 1 x energy monitor, Pauly's awesome LWRF GEM, IFTTT automation
     olliedude2k says:


    I believe the JSJSLW500 already supports the 868Mhz frequency. I have the energy monitoring kit too and I (over UDP) can request the current energy usage. Therefore there is 2 way communication. Also, the specifically says the energy monitor ises 868Mhz:

    Looks like they already have the wifi link in place ready for other 2-way communication.

     stu-e says:


    Looks like everything must be included – from today’s LightwaveRF email re heating:

    “Please note: In order for Lightwave heating to operate each household will require a Wifi Link, Boiler Control Switch and a Home Thermostat plus any additional items required”

Viewing 4 posts - 31 through 34 (of 34 total)

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Chris works as a techie for a large IT service provider. He is a geek at heart and loves nothing more than trying to automate his home. The problem is, his wife simply doesn't get it and can't understand why they can't have 'normal' lights like everyone else! Chris is dedicated therefore to implementing automation in a family friendly way.

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