IFTTT on Gen2 and Link Plus

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     DaveJudd says:


    I’ve ordered a gen2 socket and Link plus. But only just read that Gen2 devices don’t work with IFTTT.
    I cant see any point in having a new Link Plus bridge ,if I’m going to have to keep gen1 power sockets cos I use them with IFTTT.

    Is this a temporary situation? Are they about to add IFTTT to gen2 devices ?

    Might just have to cancel my order

    Thanks very much

     btidey says:


    Any answer you get here is just speculation.

    Lightwaverf would have to update their IFTTT support to handle gen2 protocols.

    Are the going to do this (temporary situation)? Probably at some point.

    Is it imminent? I suspect this is not high on their list of priorities.

    You could try asking them direct, but I would treat any timescale you get with a bucket load of scepticism, They do not have a good track record on delivering on promised dates.

     DaveJudd says:


    Im going to return purchase and use Smappee instead



    I can confirm IFTTT is now working with my Gen2 dimmer and Gen 2 Link Plus. Lightwave’s technical support told me it should also be working for Gen 2 sockets too but I haven’t tested that.
    It’s not perfect – for example the IFTTT “Timed event” trigger only lets me work in increments of 15 minutes which is clunky. Also the Lightwave RF action “dim a light to this level” does exactly that – it sets the dim level to the value you’ve chosen but if the light is off when it does it then it won’t bring it on. If you turn the light on yourself afterward, however, you’ll see that the set dim level automation did indeed work. So to set my bedroom light to wake me up with a nice glow in the morning I have to use two automations one after the other.
    It’s a start so I’m not going to knock it; I’m sure they’ll improve things as they go along.

     DaveJudd says:


    Thanks for reply.
    I emailed support and they didn’t even know about it themselves until I suggestive they asked a colleague.
    The should update website too

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