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     peterhurn says:



    As a new member to the forum I just wondered if anyone knew if Lightwave RF have any plans to implement IFTTT access.


    Kind regards,


     moreno5 says:


    I second this request, this would be very useful and I use this on my Wemo switches.

     wesleyelder says:



    One of the members here pauly has had some success with this.

    please see http://lightwaverfcommunity.org.uk/forums/topic/simple-lightwaverf-curtains-blinds/page/2/

    You do need to use custom code, its not default lightwave behaviour, if you fancy it give it a go!


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     moreno5 says:


    I may have to have a look into this, but will admit I am a newbie to not only Lightwave but also coding.

    IFTTT would allow it to talk to Wemo easily.

     pauly says:


    I found it easy enough, you don’t really need any programming just installing and configuring.
    I had some success using ifttt.com and lightwaverf to water my garden if the weather forecast for the next day was dry. Only some success though, my water pump gave up after only a few attempts, but the ifttt.com and lightwaverf integration was good.

    12 rooms automated, time to stop now... API + more at https://github.com/pauly/lightwaverf
     moreno5 says:


    Hi Pauly,

    I take it the github link in your toolbar is all we need to give this a go ourselves.

    I went to my local Maplin today and saw the setup they had using cheap Android tablets as wall controls….very cool.

    On thing I have seen that I like, is some users have design plans of their house with icons that you touch to turn on/off lights. How are they doing that?

     djtomkins says:


    It makes me really nostalgic that I used to be able to get my hands dirty with things like this and now I look at things like Raspberry Pi, Github, ifttt and don’t know where to start :(

    I remember manually hacking a first gen iPhone from the US to work on Vodafone – but time passed and before too long I moved from techie, to pre-sales to sales, and now it all looks like a different language to me.

    I envy you all! If it ain’t out of the box, I can’t do it!

    Getting older I guess……but I can still write a mean VBA macro…. :)

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     moreno5 says:


    You are never too old to learn, especially with communities like this and Raspberry to support you. Get stuck back in, it keeps your brain young!

     geoffpreston says:


    I’ve just spoken to LightwaveRF and am assured that this something they’re working on. There is no timescale at present and they wouldn’t even commit to having it done in 2015, but it is on their todo list. I guess the more people that send in a request, the more likely they will get on board with it soon.

     skiv71 says:


    Bearing in mind, that the heating devices were 2 years late and still don’t work right, I wouldn’t hold your breath :)

    developer of BMS Link (http://linode.bmslink.co.uk). A cloud based Home Automation platform for LightwaveRF, Z-Wave, RFXCOM.
     moreno5 says:


    Yeh I ditched trying this a long while ago.

    Thanks Skiv for implementing Pushover, works a treat.

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