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     stringman says:


    Having discovered the IFTTT website and seeing the lightwave services I thought I would have a go at creating an applet.
    I merrily registered and then set up an existing service (when close to home switch on a power socket) which doesn’t seem to work (but then I haven’t left the house yet lol)
    So I thought I would try to set up a new recipe.
    on the IFTTT page I clicked on create new applet but when I had to pick a service I couldn’t see Lightwave at all.

    Any ideas?

     NedC says:


    Lightwave devices respond to commands rather that issuing them, so when you’re creating an IFTTT “applet” they only appear in the “That” list.

    A quick way to see what’s possible is to create a recipe with the button widget from the “This” list, then you can see what’s available for “That”. It’s a good way of testing too – you just tap the button on your phone and see what happens.

     stringman says:


    You are indeed correct
    I used the time service and told the applet to switch on some lights at a certain time and it worked.
    so I am on my way


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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