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    I have a LightwaveRF JSJSLW930 hub. It controls all the lighting in my house and has worked fine for several months. In the last couple of weeks it now just flashes red. I have a sky router (SR102) and a Netgear R6300 along with some develo extenders. I have tried resetting virtually everything and also tried every ethernet port in the house and different cables but it just keeps flashing red. I have no issue with my internet as multiple devices around the house are all working fine.

    I sent the hub to LightwaveRF technical support and they sent it back saying that it is working and must be my network. Any ideas of anything I can try to solve this?

    Randomly I did get up yesterday and the hub was solid green again and worked perfectly but when I got back from work it was back to flashing red. It is infuriating! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



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