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     Kevbeattie says:



    I moved into a new home with lightwave rf and for a while everything worked.

    I then removed a faulty dimmer switch (without taking a photo) and now struggling to rewire the new one. It’s linked to a 2 gang switch above, which is doesn’t work either now.

    There is a separate cable that was in place connecting two of the wires and that’s confusing me. Pictures attached.

    Any guidance would be hugely appreciated.


     Kevbeattie says:


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     Jules says:


    It looks as though someone has put black markers on the ends of the brown wires. Could it be that two black marks indicates constant live and one black mark indicates switched live?

    I’m not an electrician, but the bridging wire is presumably connecting the constant live from one gang across to the other gang. Does the switch above have a similar bridging wire?

    I would use a suitable multimteter to discover which were the constant lives and work from there, but that means poking about with 240 volts so if you’re not confident, your best bet is to call out a qualified electrician. Unless someone else has a better idea.

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    Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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