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     iMarsbar says:


    Just bought the Dimmer switch and my current LED lights wont work, at the moment in my bedroom i have 2x Bright LED’s equivalent to 100W normal (i like bright and as white as possible, they do not work with dimmer (worth a shot :P ) so them two need replacing,

    In my kitchen I Have LED strip lights (HERE: )

    Just wondering what I could use to replace these? I will rewire the kitchen if need be but it is a big kitchen so would need 4 individual lights if replacing them strips.


     jamieburchell says:


    I’m happy with my Philips 50w equivalent dimmable bulbs (GU10s in Warm White). Also tried their candle bulbs. They seem the closest to regular bulbs and work fine with the new 400 series dimmers. I’ve tried cheaper ones like those from LEDHut that look dingy or like lighting you’d find in a warehouse rather than a home. Personal preference I suppose but I’ve used Philips LEDs everywhere now.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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