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     vic71 says:


    Hi All,
    Just wondered if anyone can help, I installed a four gang switch for a customer yesterday, with a slave switch off one gang. All went well and it was dimming four banks of lights in different parts of the house. Got a phone call an hour ago saying there was a buzzing for about 30 seconds and the lights wont work on one of the switches now. He says the lights just wont turn on, as its the switch with the slave he tried that and nothing there too. It was dimming 21 x 4.5w Dimmable LED’s for a good 12 hours and now nothing. I’m in first thing tomorrow and wondered if you know anythings I can try?

    Could the switch just be faulty?

    Could he have done something with his iphone app that locks the lights off?

    Any help would be great.


     cndawes says:


    Looking back at some old posts on here (like: I’d hazard a guess that you’ve overloaded the switch with that many lights!

    21×4.5×5 = 472.5W of initial load, way above the rating … could that be the issue ?

    It’s possible the customer locked them out with his phone (you can do fully lock and partial lock in the app but TBH I can’t work out the difference – I just know that when you locked a dimmer in the old app it made the light turn back off after 5 mins if you used the physical switch so this probably isn’t the cause) …

     vic71 says:


    Cheers for the info, I’m here now and they are dead as a Dodo. I wasn’t aware of the x5 rule, is that only for LED’s, if not wouldn’t that make one 50w halogen push them to the max?



     cndawes says:


    I’m no expert but I think it’s only for LEDs from what I’ve read on the forum as they have a large initial load that is different to the way a halogen works.

    I know when I fitted all mine the most I installed LED wise is (3x9w + 4x5w) x5 = 235w. Strictly this is 7% over the 210w of the 4 gang dimmer so there is a little tolerance but probably not very much …

     alexbell says:


    Hello there,
    One gang of my 2-gang light switch stopped working after few hours from installation.
    Here are the switch details:
    LightwaveRF 2-Gang Dimmer Switch 250W White
    There were 4 halogen lights connected to that switch. Here are lamps details:
    12V 50W

    Really frustrating.
    Any help much appreciated. If you had any similar issues or know what potentially can cause it please get in touch.


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