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     engineersid says:


    I recent getting into lightwaverf bought a single gang to start off with installed it and a few days later I cannot seem to manually switch on/off. The Blue light is on if you press it once it flashes amber and blue then go off back to blue.

    I cannot seem to clear it or pair it – can anyone help or advise ? many thank – Sid

     Jules says:


    It sounds as though you’ve inadvertently locked the socket via the LightwaveRF ‘phone app.

    Open the app and tap on the name of the socket device.

    You’ll see some padlock buttons:

    LOCK – the device cannot be switched manually but can be controlled via any RF devices which are paired to it.
    FULL LOCK – the device cannot be switched manually or via RF until it is unlocked.

    Tap the UNLOCK button so that it turns green and the button on your socket should work again.

    If that fails, try turning off the power to that socket at your consumer unit for 30 seconds to reset the lock condition.

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