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    Good afternoon.

    I have had 4 conversations with LW uk support team and still have the same problem, so i thought i would speak to the experts themselves….

    In a nutshell, we have the Gen 1 boiler switch and thermostat installed, which was working perfectly until we changed broadband to Virgin Media , and changed the battery in the thermostat. now it doesn’t come on as scheduled and so i have to manually trigger it to by adjusting the temperature in the App, or pressing the boost button. Then, when it is supposed to go off at night, it stays on! I cannot win. I’ve checked the time on the stat is correct, LW have checked the link is on line and cannot find any issues with it. I can only think that when the battery went flat in the stat, perhaps i need to pair it again with the boiler switch???

    In the house overall, Lw works brilliantly, we have relays controlling mood lighting everywhere the electric gates run on LW, outside lights, the fountain, etc, etc, but this is the one thing that is a complete nightmare, especially when the support team know less than i do!!

    Any ideas anyone?

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