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     bfrost says:


    I’ve had two of the 4-way remotes stop working properly (as included in the dimmer / on-off packs from B&Q). I knew it was the remote because the iPhone app via the WiFi controller switched the target devices fine. When the second one packed up today I decided enough was enough. Here’s what I did to get them working perfectly again.

    1. Feel for the screw hole under the silver label on the rear of the unit. Press into this depression with a small philips head screwdriver and remove the screw through the label.

    2. Start pulling the facia away from the body at the top. This is hard and you think you will break it, but keep going and the front will snap away bringing the buttons with it. The rear will show the one-piece PCB.

    3. Remove the battery.

    4. Lift the PCB out.

    5. Using household vinegar and a nail or toothbrush scrub the button side of the PCB vigorously. Go for it, you cant do it much harm, its already not working! Do this for about 30s, concentrating on the RF area by the wire loop.

    6. Now hold the PCB under running cold water and again scrub to remove all traces of the vinegar.

    7. Blot the PCB dry and place on a warm radiator to fully dry out for an hour or so.

    8. Wet a piece of paper with WD40 and use this to lubricate the sliding switch contacts on the PCB and the loose slide switch piece contacts.

    9. Reinsert the PCB into the rear of the case.

    10. Place the slide switch (correct way round) and push button layer into the front of the case and snap close them together. Check that the slide switch slides ok.

    11. Refit the battery and check that you now have a working remote!!!

     pauly says:


    Very helpful I will give this a try! Of the three remotes I’ve bought, two have failed to work. The first one I just exchanged at B&Q, the second one worked OK. My third one I bought from Vesternet, they fouled up my order so in the end refunded me and let me keep the remote (which I’d not opened so didn’t know it was not working). I still have this duff (but free) remote, so I will

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     Bry382 says:


    Just came across this old thread when my remote stopped working last night. Nothing wrong with the switch or link as the bedroom lights came on as usual this morning – but getting out of bed to turn them off at night is a pain …. All looked fine – the blue indictor light flashed as the buttons were pressed. Read this post but given the relative low numbers of messages for this search (so not a common problem?) – I thought Id change the battery first. Success. All is well again – sometimes its the simple things.

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