Has any one had a problem with the room boiler switch?

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     Merv300 says:


    I have three heating zones and one of these the boiler switch regurlarly doesn’t connect to the room stat. The stat will stop calling for heat and it also shows that the heating is off on the phone app. For some reason the boiler switch remains on so carries on calling for heat. Occasionally the opposite happens, the stat is shoiwing its on and calling for heat and and also shows this on the phone app but the boiler switch is off. Eitther I notice that the room is colder than normal or is overheating and then find I have to manually override the boiler switch which is a pain. Not sure if its a faulty room stat or boiler switch, andyone else had this or any odeas on what is the issue

     Antyronnen says:


    The thermostat and boiler switch combination are one of the weakest elements in the LightwaveRF universe. I had three but found them so unreliable I now use two thermostats as remote temperature monitors and only the third is actually ‘connected’ to a boiler switch and even then only as an override for a system controlled by a non-internet Honeywell wireless thermostat. In practice I too found the connection was lost from time to time, the controlling software was terrible (in that it often didn’t actually change settings on the thermostat) although the rebadged older app (Deta connect) isn’t much better, and the refresh rate was completely incomprehensible using either the app or the web manager.

    My advice would be to clear the settings in both the thermostat and boiler switch (follow the manual instructions for both), then delete the thermostat from the app.
    Then re-link the thermostat and boiler switch (I found it often took two goes before it worked) and only then link the thermostat to the boiler switch. If you have any links of the thermostat to IFTTT you may need to reset those connections.

    You may need to do this a couple of times to get a working system; even with the RFLink and thermostat in the same room connecting to the app can be a bit hit and miss. One other thing to note is that the battery levels may be low (the indicator in the app isn’t a lot of help) and this might be contributing to your problem.

    I have had to to do this a few times and although irritating isn’t on the same scale as resetting some other LWRF devices.

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