Hall / Upstairs landing issue

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    Hi All,

    Right I have 3 lw400 dimmers on a few rooms in the house but I know want to put a switch on the hall and upstairs on the landing

    At the moment I have a 2 gang switch in the hall and a single upstairs.

    The issue I have is that when we had a new consumer unit fitted it was discovered that they shared a neutral meaning every time I switched the upstairs light on from the hall switch it tripped the rcd.

    Since then I have only been able to use the hall switch downstairs and the upstairs switch upstairs, I lost the function to switch upstairs on from downstairs if that makes sense.

    As I said I’m looking to install lightwave to these 2 switches now, I’m just not sure the correct way to do it ? master and a slave ??

    I would appreciate some advice is possible?

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