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     davemee says:


    … and another caveat: The LightwaveRF plugin for HomeBridge *only* supports dimmable lamps, on/off lamps, and power switches. There’s (currently) no support for energy monitors, heating or some of the other bits of LightwaveRF. It would be nice if LightwaveRF would pull their fingers out and chip in with this project. The code is on GitHub!

    (I know the Amazon/Alexa has ‘lightwave skills’, but I don’t trust Amazon. I know that, at least with Apple’s infrastructure, my data is actually private and VPN’ed between my own devices. This stuff will turn *very bad* when people start DDoSing houses and hacking amazon accounts. I have some horror stories about IoT attacks and malware, which is why I’m very conscious about this stuff, and why I like how dumb the LightwaveRF stuff is – it’s not trying to do any more than it needs to.)

Viewing 31 post (of 31 total)

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