GU10 led problem

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     Tigermad says:


    Swapped 6 x 50w GU10 halogens in my kitchen for 35w leds today. They work fine with a normal switch. Thought I would swap the 2 x 35w 240v GU10s in the bedroom. Bought 50w dimmable led ones but you put one in and it works and dims but buzzes. Put 2 in and they stay on and won’t turn off. The dimmer I have is suitable for dimming leds because I have 2 main led lights that work fine. This is using a gen 1 2 gang dimmer. Any ideas?

     btidey says:


    It won’t be a GU10 50W LED. It might have light output equivalent to a 50W halogen but its power usage will be much less, maybe 6W. What make/model is it?

    Two of these might not really meet minimum load requirement for the dimmer.

    Not all dimmable bulbs behave the same way, some work well even with low loads, others won’t play nicely. I normally have good success with dimmables from ledhut. Look around the forum for other suggestions for good choices.

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