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     tonyjobson says:


    Hi Everyone.

    I’ve had fun over the past few years with lightwave but I’ve moved on and wanted to hopefully find a good home for all my lightwaveRF kit to avoid it going into landfill.

    I’ve listed it all on ebay as one bulk listing as I was too lazy to split it (but if anyone wanted an specific items i might be able to amend / split the auction provided no one has bid)
    I’ve set the starting price nice and low with what i think is a generous BIN price – I thought I’d post it here to hopefully give it a better chance of finding a good home with a LW fan.

    (I probably should have put this in the special offers thread but that channel seems dead and ignored so I’m spamming it here – sorry Admins :)

    It’s a bit of a mix of things:
    3 x CR2032 powered mood switches.= jsjsw101ss
    2 x Small remotes (2 gang) =
    1 x Lightwave plug in socket relay. JSJSLw320WH`
    7 x 300 Watt Socket dimmer. jsjslw300
    3 x black remote
    3 x white remotes
    1 x 3 gang light switch dimmer = jsjsw230ss
    1 x wired relay = jsjslw821 (boxed as new)
    4 x magnetic door sensor (boxed as new) jsjslw904
    5 x dimmable compact fluorescent tubes = various models. one of:jsjslw561

    If you’re interested

    Thanks everyone.

     tonyjobson says:


    sold. maybe i was a bit too low on my BIN price. but please it’s gone onto be used again.


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