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     Zone-MR says:


    I have purchased a Gen 2 dimmer, and to be honest I’m liking it so far – although I agree with other posts that the software is in dire need of some polish. For my simple use case of setting up the dimmer and then using HomeKit for the rest, it worked fine.

    I’m wondering about how multiple dimmer switches can be installed to control a single light. With Generation 1 there were separate slave dimmers, which would connect to the ‘S’ terminal. With generation 2, there is still an ‘S’ terminal, but no slave dimmers?

    The website states that Generation 2 products support “20-way wireless communication with other Lightwave dimmers” – implying that dimmers should be able to speak to each other for multi-way configurations? If that’s the case, how do I go about setting this up? How are the secondary dimmers to be linked to the primary dimmer? How are the secondary dimmers to be powered?

    I tried speaking to LightwaveRF on the phone, and unfortunately the advice I got was a bit confusing. The guy suggested setting up HomeKit automations to replicate the state of one switch onto the other. I don’t believe this approach would support dimming, nor do I see how the secondary switch would be powered if it’s not wired up in-line with a load.

    Any ideas?

     h3mp says:


    I do not know what the plans are….
    but my guess is either we are waiting on new products such as a gen2 slave-switch or a gen2 wire-free-switch :-(

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