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    I have a multiple Lightwave products and although I know they can be temperamental every now and then, generally they work well. However, one has got me stuck. I have a Generation 1 plug in dimmer, which a floor lamp is connected to. It has worked absolutely fine until about two weeks ago. The whole room is on a timer and on three mood settings. At a certain point of the evening, the lamps all come on and then dim as the evening progresses. The floor lamp I have noticed does not dim. Nor does it go off, when either requested manually or through the timer. I have a signal booster in the room.
    I have deleted the dimmer and reinstalled, cleared its memory and resintalled, I have cleared the memory of the signal booster and resynced it with the floor lamp. When I request the floor lamp to switch on, the signal booster activates, the lamp comes on, but then when I request it to go off or dim, the lamp does neither despite the signal booster indicating that it is working. As I said, all other lightwave products in the room work fine, they come on, dim and switch off with no issues. It is just this one plug in dimmer that has decided it will not work properly.

    Any ideas? Have to say, I am losing patience with Lightwave. I have it installed in most of the house and these temporary issues are not great.



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