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     HOnestBOb says:


    I’ve just installed a 2-gang dimmer and it’s been working well for a month. Then suddenly a bulb blew, there was an instantaneous pop from the switch, and the RCD in the fuse box tripped.

    Upon resetting the RCD and replacing the bulb I found the switch to have failed completely. It doesn’t light up (either LED) and the room lights won’t come on!

    Has anyone else had this issue? At £100 I can’t afford for the switch to fail with every bulb that blows…

     btidey says:


    When an incandescent bulb blows it can do some in a number of ways. In some cases there can be a brief short circuit which can trip breakers as seems to have happened in your case.

    Unfortunately, it may have also blown the fuse inside the dimmer switch which is why it is not functional any more. This wouldn’t happen each time a bulb blows and would be unlikely with LED bulbs which would tend to fail in less spectacular ways.

    The fuse in the dimmer is not a plug in replacement. Some people have repaired them. See posts from Zoodle in

     Greg66 says:


    I have had something similar happen. The smell of a popped Gen 2 is strongly reminiscent (at least to me) of TCP.

    Contact LW customer support. I returned my blown dimmer for a replacement.

     HOnestBOb says:


    Thanks for the replies.

    To clarify the switch is running a ceiling light with multiple G9 halogen bulbs (and a couple of small wall-lights on the other gang). Confusingly, I have another 1-gang Lightwave switch running exactly the same G9 setup in the neighboring room and that hasn’t failed when the bulbs blow!

    Anyway, Lightwave support kindly replaced the switch so we’ll see how things go.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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