Gen1 (Connect Series) you can have two Links does this increase

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     ikledude says:


    Gen1 (Connect Series) you can have two Links does this increase the amount of items you can have I’m soon going to be approaching 64 once you factor in a double socket is two items.

    Home Automation (Connect Series/Gen1): 1 x LW930 LightwaveRF Link. 1x LW430C Dimmer. 2x LW420C Dimmer. 1x LW452C Dimmer. 12 x LW400C Dimmer. 1 x LW201C Wire-Free Switch, 1 x LW821 In-line Relay 500W, 1x LW824 Waterproof Housing, (1x LW801 Dusk to Dawn Sensor). 6 x LW321BLK plugin On/Off Socket. 9x LW944 TRV. 1x LW920 Boiler Switch. 1x LW921 Thermostat. 1x LW934 Electric Switch. 1x LW600 Energy Monitor. 1 x Echo, 1 x Echo Dot, 1x Echo Spot, 2x Fire HD 10 Tables, 2x iPhones.
     btidey says:


    If you have two link boxes then I think you still need to have two different accounts for them. This means that the room / device set up is independent for each one.

    At one point I believe the official App made switching between the two links easier but I believe this has got lost in the current app and you need to logout and in to switch which would be a pain.

    The limit on devices is interesting. For Gen 1 the rf message format imposes a limit of 15 rooms each with 15 devices (~225 devices total if spread around). The UDP message format into the link allows for that number of rooms and devices as well. The limit can be less due to restrictions imposed by either the App or the link. Early versions of the App only allowed 6 devices per room and 8 rooms for a maximum of 48 devices. This got relaxed in later versions. There have been mentions of a limit in the link gen 1 unit imposed by its memory capacity (64 devices). This would be a bit lame if so as the primary purpose of the link is to poll the cloud service for commands and then translate UDP messages into RF signals. I have not seen this link limit verified either by official info or by experimentation. So it is not clear to me whether this limit is real or not.

    I have about 36 lightwave devices so haven’t approached that limit yet.

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