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     h3mp says:


    I previously said:

    Alexa is working nicely with both Gen1 and Gen2 Devices


    I wish to take this back now!!!

    Alexa seems OK on Link-Plus for Gen2 devices
    For Gen1 devices on the Link-Plus there is a serious problem with the implementation.

    The issue appears to be that the have implemented Gen1 devices in the new skill as being two-way (like Gen2 devices)
    This means the state of being ‘on’ or ‘off’ is being fed into Alexa – but this is a “fake” state – the system can not know if a gen1 device is ‘on’ or ‘off’.

    If a light (or socket) is ‘On’, but Alexa thinks it is currently ‘Off’, then saying “Alexa, turn light Off” is ignored!!! (you have to ask it to be turned ‘on’, then ‘off’ to fix it)
    This also means turning a room off doesn’t work correctly, as any device it thinks is on will not be asked to turn off.

    If you use an old link with Gen1 devices, this is not a problem as the controls in the Alexa app are different – no “fake” state is maintained.

    It’s clear this is fixable – they just need to present Gen1 and Gen2 devices differently to Alexa – I’ve asked them on twitter if they realise this..

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     h3mp says:


    Updated my list of features and bugs/issues now v1.2.6 is out:

    + Gen2 Sockets and Dimmers can be controlled from the App
    – Gen1 Sockets and Dimmers can be controlled, but the App maintains a “fake” on off state which often results in two presses to correctly change a device state.
    + a “long press” on device brings up additional options (brightness, switch locking, configuration, renaming)
    + Devices can be marked as “Favourites”
    + Sockets can display that they are in use (via tiny text/icon accessible from long-press device menu)
    – Power usage monitoring for appliances plugged into sockets not yet implemented

    + First tab of App shows your favourite devices in a single panel for quick access

    + Rooms can be created and named (e.g. “Bedroom”)
    + Devices can be assigned to “Rooms”
    – You cannot perform a function to a Room (such as all Devices on/off or set the equivalent of a mood/scene)

    + Zones can be created and named (e.g. “Upstairs”)
    – Rooms should then be assigned to “Zones” – This does not work currently, rooms will not stick in a zone when requested
    – You cannot perform a function to a Zone (such as all Rooms on/off or set the equivalent of a mood/scene)

    + Automations allow basic “switch this on/off at this time” based on time/dusk/dawn
    + Automations are now editable
    + Automations can be clicked on to execute them (can be instant on press, or extra confirmation step set in “settings”)
    - Dusk/dawn still doesn’t have +/- time like before
    - Timed Delays not implemented (so can’t easily do slow sun-rise on lights for waking up)
    - Random Delays not implemented (would be useful for occupancy simulation)
    - Triggers from other devices being switched not yet implemented (though can be done via homekit)

    + App supports small or large tile size

    “Amazon Alexa”:
    + Gen2 devices appear to be working OK so far
    - Gen1 devices have a bug caused as “fake” on/off state is maintained, this causes commands to fail if alexa thinks devices are already in the state you request.

    “Google Assistant”:
    * Unknown, website claims compatibility

    “Apple Home Kit”:
    + Only Gen2 devices are reported into the Homekit app
    + Appears to work well
    + Device states are reported
    + Automations allow you to trigger actions from a switch/socket being controlled
    + Scenes can be set to control multiple devices at once

    – Website cliams support, but only the old ‘link’ is supported currently

    “Web Portal”:
    – No Support yet via
    – API so 3rd party developers can integrate support

    “Gen 2 Hardware”:
    + Single and Dual Dimmers are available
    + Dual Plug Sockets are available
    – Two-Way switching for Lights not yet implemented (website says coming December 2017)
    – No Relays, Wireless Switches, Mood Switches, plug in sockets/switches, PIRs etc

    App Version History:
    1.2.6 – (new) Support for larger tile sizes, (new) Execute automations, (new) Update automations
    1.2.4 – (new) Improved link plus linking process, (new) Display of sockets in use
    1.2.3 – (bug) fix for editing rooms and zones
    1.2.2 – (bug) Fixed issue on linking link plus
    1.2.1 – (new) Rooms and zones, (bug) Improvement of device states
    1.1.2 – (new) Time based automations, (bug) Various bug fixes and performance improvements for linking devices
    1.0.5 – (bug) Bug on linking devices after linking Link Plus, (bug) UI Improvements, (new) Support for Relays
    1.0.3 – (new) First release

     h3mp says:


    v1.2.9 is out, what happened to 1.2.7 and 1.2.8?!

    App Version History:
    1.2.9 – (bug) Fix for moving room into different zone, (bug) Fix for product names replaced by device names

    “Rooms” now move into “zones” as requested (unlike before).
    I’ve stuck bedrooms into an “Upstairs” zone, and have the living room and kitchen in the “Downstairs” Zone.

    Other than for neatness, the zones and rooms are all a bit pointless at the moment, you cant perform an action on a room or zone…

     h3mp says:


    v1.3.1 is out

    App Version History:
    1.3.1 – (new) Group Automations (Support for two-way/multi-way switching), (new) Set Link Plus LED Colour

    I think this is a really significant update, it is the first time that Gen2′s bi-directional comms now stand out as being superior to Gen1

    With the group automations you have 2 group types:

    1) Switch Group – add multiple devices (dimmers, sockets etc) if you switch one on they all come on (same for off), so now i turn on the main lights in my lounge and various other lights and plug-in lamps all come on at the same time. You can include Gen1 devices in groups too (but as they are one-way, they will only receive and copy the others)

    2) Dimmer Group – add multiple dimmers, when you control one the others all copy the dimming level. You can even have Gen1 Dimmers in the group (again, as they are one-way devices, these will only receive and copy the others)

     h3mp says:


    Here’s some screenshots of the new group automations..

    as usual, this new feature cannot be edited, only created then deleted! hopefully editing will be in a future update..

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     h3mp says:


    Screenshot of new LED colour adjustment feature..

    The LED is a long way from the actual colour displayed in the app (but you can tweak the sliders in a hit and hope fashion to achieve what you need)

    I think they perhaps they need to and some logarithmic scaling to their RGB PWM maybe…

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     Jed says:


    Has anybody managed to register the Gen2 Plus control box with Google Home yet? I just get an error stating it can’t update the setting when I try to connect Lightwaverf to my Google Home account.

     h3mp says:


    I don’t recall seeing any news about google compatibility yet.
    Its been a month since the last app update – i’m wondering if LWRF have gone on strike?

     h3mp says:


    v1.3.11 has been released…

    1.3.11 – (new) Edit Group Automations, (new) Set Link Plus location for accurate dusk, dawn times, (new) UI Improvements for heating devices

    I set the location to my home address, and then edited an automation to use dusk instead of a fixed time… at the end of editing it says dusk is 17:10 – this is not dusk, this is pitch black.

    If i ask google when sunset is today, she says 16:39

    17:10 is more like sun-down, this is useless.

    If they can’t even calculate dusk correctly they need to bring back the ability to set times to dusk-30mins etc..

     Jed says:


    LW told me the Google Home release is dependent on Google certification which they are hoping for in a couple of weeks. I suspect that means it could easily be longer, but it sounds close at least,

     h3mp says:


    ….The automation that i set to come on at dusk has never worked since the new update! so i’ve gone back to a timed automation. makes you wonder if they test their software at all..

     Jed says:


    My Gen2 kit started working with Google Home today, possibly it’s now released or more likely I’ve been added to the beta program. I’ve not played with it much yet but it can see the devices now

     h3mp says:


    trying to post again, this seemed to dissapear when i edited it.. hopefully this isnt a duplicate:

    v1.8.0 of the iOS app is out… they have actually fixed some bugs!!!!!

    I’ve been having an issue for a while where a light comes on everyday at 10am but no timer is set!
    With the new app, 2 previously deleted automations magically showed up on the app, i deleted them and the 10am bug no longer happens!


    -) New automations: ‘If-Do’ and ‘Do’
    ***** “if-do” lets you say “if some switch is pressed, control some other devices”,
    ***** “do” automatons are simply a single button to do many things (bit like setting a scene)
    -) New devices: 3 and 4-Gang UK Dimmers and 1 and 2-Gang EU Dimmers
    -) Create automations with delay
    ****** I can’t actually find this in the app even though it is in the release notes???
    -) Option to reset energy history for energy devices
    -) Lowered the min. LED brightness level
    -) Marketing preferences can be accessed now in Settings page
    ***** if i set my email address to correct one, submit button does nothing, i go back in and wrong email address is showing yet again
    -) Features used in automations are now also grouped by devices
    -) View the history of firmware updates
    *****for a dimmer, it lists 4 different updates, all with same version number and “update” button only against top one!
    *****under list of version history there is a v1.x release with newer date than a v2.x release!
    -) Further bug fixes and performance improvements

    Also found under “link plus” settings page, there are 3 sections, Location, LED and LED, the 2nd “LED” section is blank

    So in summary, it is the usual high standard of release, half fixed, half broken….

     h3mp says:


    v1.8.10 is out… and i think it is at a point where i could actually recommend Gen2 to other people now!!!!!!!
    (only major caveat is do not use gen2 software/hub for gen1 devices)

    Everything I try to do is actually working at the moment!
    Automatons do as they should
    there are now delays you can set in automatons so i can finally do a sun-rise with a bedroom light

    My list of niggles is currently very short, here are the things i’d like to see implemented for the future:
    * dusk/dawn times to have +/- adjustment (currently only have + adjustment)
    * option to have something occur at a random time or after a random delay
    * web portal for Gen2
    * published API for Gen2

     Automation says:


    Some months ago I put some comments on another thread concerning controlling Gen 1 kit from a Gen 2 modem, recounting my problems and concerns. Since then, with some advice from the technical team matters have improved a great deal. So now that I have confidence in the system, I have now added most of my Gen 1 devices, a mixture of light switches, plug in units and 3way relay units (approx. 40+) onto my Gen 2 modem in duplicate with Gen1. They perform at least as well on the Gen 2 modem as the Gen 1. I now have redundancy of modems!!. So I am happy to say that the new Gen 2 modem that I am using is totally compatible with Gen 1 units. I have also added 2 additional Gen 1 energy monitors which are much faster in updating on the Gen 2 app than the old one, you can see the power usage change when you switch a load within 30 seconds.
    I only have 2 twin sockets and one light switch in Gen 2, but have added a few basic automations and they seem to work reliably. I have not tried the smart automations yet, but they look very useful.
    I believe the web portal is in test now, but not yet fully functional. I was allowed a temporary access to it and it looks impressive, quite different from the Gen 1 web portal. I waiting to hear that the portal has gone live to the web for public use.

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