Gen 2 – PIRs no longer work!

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    Hi all. I have 28 Gen 1 devices and did plunge for Gen 2. I found the Link Plus and App 100-times better, awesome automation comparable to Smartthings. However, my need to move to Smarthings still exists. Lightwave in their wisdom have dropped the PIR! Gen 2 light switches no longer work with Gen 1 PIRs and they don’t have plans to release a Gen 2 PIR. They’ve lost their way and reports are they are looking to cloud funding to develop a full range of Gen 2 devices. Proceed with care! Now I can’t switch lights on and off with movement on my hallway and stairs. It’s so annoying, having invested in a number of Gen 2 light switches. Two steps forward and three steps backwards for Lightwave in my view.
    I purchased Smartthings sensors to try to work round Lightwave’s chaos. There’s no device handler in Smartthings for Lightwave Gen 2. I’ve got it working with IFTTT but there’s a delay and my lights don’t come on when the internet is sketchy. Not really workable. So I’m going back to Gen 1 light switches this weekend! I’ll keep Gen 2 to Link Plus though, that is good, faster and longer range. I recommend that only.

    I’m not a developer but would gladly pay via PayPal anyone who can use the Gen 2 API to interface Lightwave light switches only into Smartthings as a device handler.

    Thanks all

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