Gen 2 not Alexa compatible

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     Doug2 says:


    As a new user to Lightwaverf I thought I should invest in a Gen 2 Link Plus to be future proofed even though I don’t need HomeKit compatibility right now. Having installed it along with a Gen 1 dimmer switch I got a nasty surprise when I found I couldn’t get Alexa integration to work. On calling the support line I found that Gen 2 is not yet certified with Amazon. Basically they rushed the new product launch and didn’t have time to get Amazon to approve the integration. “Hopefully” it will be approved in a couple of weeks.

    Really unimpressed with this and a very poor first experience of the company and products. Unless I am missing something there is noting on the website to warn you. I guess they were just hoping that by the time anyone noticed it would be fixed. Basically I was advised I might as well have bought a Gen 1 hub because Gen 2 offers no benefits apart from HomeKit!

     h3mp says:


    Hopefully you will be better off with Gen2 for the future – they say Alexa support is imminent (within a couple of weeks i think they said on twitter), and being the comms are 2-way it should certainly offer advantages for reliability over Gen1..

    I do agree with your comments though – at the moment, I would say their products do not meet the advertised feature set

     phaed2 says:


    I’m in the same position as @Doug2 here. I’m a new user and when trying to decide whether to purchase a Gen1 or Gen2 link, I opted for the Gen2 Link Plus as it had all the features I needed and would be future proof (I’ve only got a Gen1 dimmer switch as I needed a 3-gang and the Gen2 3-gang switches aren’t out yet).

    I’m also very disappointed that the Alexa integration isn’t ready yet. Based on the compatibility chart attached I expected it to work straight away. They should at least update that table to say “coming soon” or something similar (the same way that Sonos did with their Alexa integration… I don’t mind waiting for it, as long as I know I have to wait – then at least it’s my own decision whether to gamble on how long it will take rather than being lied to)

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