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     JeremyG says:


    It has been much discussed on this forum that LightwaveRF devices do not feedback so you can’t find the status of the device.

    So – how do mood/scene selectors work then? Once paired, you setup your various devices to be on/off/dimmed etc and then press and hold the mood button you want. How does this know that your dimmer is at 70% so it can send that command later when you press the mood button. It must have a way of interrogating the dimmer? Am I missing something obvious?

    If this is the case then surely it would be possible to send a similar command to interrogate the state of the dimmer from domoticz etc?


     btidey says:


    Devices like dimmers only have receivers. No transmitters; no way of sending any information out.

    Mood works as follows.

    1)Set all room devices to the level/ on-off state you want them to be in when a particular mood is commanded
    2)Send a mood program command. Devices store their current state as what is required when that mood is requested.
    3) Request a mood. Devices look up inside themselves what the state associated with that mood is and set it.

    As you can see this is all done with one way communication to the device.

    The only way for certain what the state is would be to have some separate external sensor.

    Some argue this is a fundamental problem. Others, myself included, regard this as a design choice that was made to keep costs low, and provided you arrange reliable operation actually has little impact on actual use.

    There were rumours that Lightwave may introduce a further generation with transmit feedback in the devices. Extra choice is good IF that ever happens but doesn’t help current installs.

     JeremyG says:


    Ah I get it. I’m not bothered about the feedback as I mainly want lightwave for mood lighting from mood switches (where the feedback is ‘are the lights on’).

    Thanks for clearing it up

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