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     rockhoppers1964 says:


    Has anyone had any success extending the range of the LightwaveRf hub ?
    I want to control stuff outside in the garden, but it is at the end of its range and operation is 50/50 at best.
    Two hubs are not supported yet it seems ?

    Can the aerial be boosted ?


     Antyronnen says:


    My experience to date is that the ‘Signal Booster’ works but is very sensitive to position (more than distance) and finding an ideal location if you have several remote devices can be immensely frustrating; also the devices themselves can get fussy about what they are near. Also the Booster can only boost (or relay) signals to 6 devices (strictly speaking the limit is the number of separate commands it can handle so if you want to send the same signal to a number of devices which you have paired to the same ‘device’ in the app that works).

    The non-support of two Links is a limitation of the App in that you have to log in to a specific account which gives you control of a single Link. I have just installed a second Link on the same network as my original and the two work happily each in complete ignorance of the other. To do this you have to set up a separate account for the second link (different email and password) and you have the inconvenience of having to login to two separate accounts but it means you can site the second link somewhere nearer the devices at the edge of the range of your first one. My second is connected to the router by a Homeplug so within the limitations of your own bandwidth that seems to work. A direct physical connection to the router does not seems to be necessary. Incidentally, but perhaps not surprisingly, one device can be paired to both Links (I guess as long as this doesn’t exceed the limit of 6 control devices such as remote).

    As far as the software limitations are concerned the old App had provision to switch between links so it would worth sending LWRF helpdesk a message that you’d find this useful. Even the option to choose between accounts at login would do (as with Apple or Windows computers). One way round this is to use Demopad which can handle separate Links in the same set up but you do need to do your own design work. The designer (windows based) is free but you need to pay for the iOS App. One thing I haven’t been able to crack is getting it to work with LWRF devices remotely. Another useful ‘fix’ is to set up a separate IFTTT account using your second email and this will give you access to LWRF channels without having to go through the dreadful LWRF App (which I am told is being updated, sometime).

     Jules says:


    LW800 Signal Booster

      JSJSLW930 Lightwave Link / 4 x LW400WH Dimmer Switch / LW205 Wire-Free Switch / 3 x LW381 Basic On/Off Socket / Echo Dot / Harmony Companion.
       rockhoppers1964 says:


      Thanks guys, I have a range extender….not sure if i am doing it right but i found it made no real difference !
      Looking for a hack to boost the internal aerial if such a think exists !


       michael ward says:

      michael ward

      Don’t know if this will help but I had to position the link box within the house for optimum distance for all devices, with regards to walls.
      I can’t remember off hand, but a signal passing through a wall that is not perpendicular to the wall, sees the wall as an ever increasing thickness that is not proportional to the actual straight line distance, but something like an exponential thickness.

      In other words, if you want range down a garden then you are going to have to situate the link box by an outside window , then use the extender for devices inside the house.

      As long as all your devices are on the same network, you could always use a wifi extender so that you can get the right position for the link. I have a good second dual band wifi box, which connects over ethernet cable to the main modem, so that the link can be situated wherever I want it.

      Another method could be to use ethernet over mains, this allows you to choose anywhere on your property within range of a mains plug, to position the link box. I would presume that you could purchase a 433MHz repeater around £30 to try out, but don’t know if it will work.

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